NISA Nuzzles Vol 5 Nuzzle 41, July 14, 2021

Jul 14, 2021

NISA Nuzzles Vol 5 Nuzzle 41, July 14, 2021



Hey u ok?’, ‘Yeah you?’, ‘Yeah good’. We can all get better at having conversations, whether it’s with friends, family or your customers.Having better conversations allows you to build greater rapport, increase your customer service quality as well as boost your business.


Here are four ways in which you can enhance your customer service quality, through combining the power of data with your communications.


1. Reduce agent intervention

If you can identify which routine inquiries can be machine managed, through Call Routing or IVR (Interactive Voice Response), you can use this information to make changes.

You can ease pressure on agents, see which queries are most common and direct your resources to different areas of the business.


2. Create virtual queues

Technology for virtual queues allows your callers to know that someone is there ready to speak to them, just they are dealing with someone else first.

Virtual queuing lowers the tempers of callers and results in more productive conversations, as well as reduces lost business.


3. CRM integration means better data

Ensuring your agents have access to a single CRM system holding all customer’s data saves time and allows for a more seamless customer experience.

Allowing your agents to have the same information at the same time on a single system with a quality integration gives the agent all the tools they need to serve customers with multi-channel journeys.


4. Don’t forget SMS

SMS is a powerful tool, which allows you to boost your reach and response rates, as well as making your customers feel valued.

You can follow up with a quick and easy SMS for customers to feel like they have received a bespoke and personalised customer journey.


And there you have it!   Call routing, Virtual Queues, CRM integration, and SMS to reach your customers.  But don’t forget, sometimes a personal phonecall to follow up still could be your best option.

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