NISA Nuzzles Vol 5 Nuzzle 46, September 22, 2021

Sep 22, 2021

NISA Nuzzles Vol 5 Nuzzle 46, September 22, 2021

7 Ways To Reduce Your Hiring Time And Still Attract The Best Talent

 Time to hire is one of the most commonly used metrics when judging recruitment success, because the longer a position remains vacant, the more the recruitment costs mount up, and the more potential productivity from that role is lost.

Therefore, it’s essential that your processes are streamlined and efficient if you want to meet your time to hire KPIs. However, you should never sacrifice the talent quality of your new staff in order to maximise your recruiting speed.

You might reduce time to hire in this way, but at the cost of more expensive onboarding, or increased turnover rate among new hires. So, how can you reduce hire time and still recruit the best talent the market has to offer?

1) Become Data-Driven

Use a contemporary Applicant Tracking System (ATS), to gather and analyse data about your recruitment processes automatically. This will enable you to see where you could streamline your operations and reduce your time to hire, e.g. by using different recruitment channels, or tweaking the marketing messages used to attract your talent demographic.

2) Develop A Seamless Hiring Process

Design and implement a systemised hiring process to minimise errors and delays. Automate tasks wherever possible, using high-quality recruitment management software, to save time and keep everyone on track.

3) Create A Talent Database

Reduce the amount of time it takes you to find appropriate candidates by creating a searchable talent pool. You can speed this process up by using an ATS. This software enables you to select and approach registered candidates for your projects without having to go through recruitment boards and agencies for each position. When combined with recruitment automation, a good talent database can improve your response rate by automatically marketing relevant positions to a preselected, ‘warm’ talent base.

4) Launch A Careers Microsite

Expand your talent pool by setting up a branded recruitment microsite. You can use this to advertise vacancies and show potential applicants the benefits of working for your company.

5) Use The Latest Recruitment Software And Tools

Harnessing the power of intuitive talent management software will enable you to attract and recruit high-quality candidates more efficiently. You can use a modern ATS platform,  to manage everything from vacancy requisitions to onboarding in a streamlined way, saving you time and money.

6) Optimise Your Job Listings

To attract the right candidates for your vacancies, you need to create outstanding job advertisments. This means presenting key information about the role, the skills required to perform it, and the application process in an appealing manner. You need to provide potential talent with the information they really want to know. You need to present it in a way that’s appealing. And you need to make the opportunity you have sound worth their investment.

7) Simplify Your Interview Booking Process

Creating a process which allows candidates to book their own interviews online will boost the chances that they’ll attend. It will also minimise the number of telephone calls and email chases you need to make, and reduce the paperwork involved in managing interviews. 


Next Steps

One of the most productive methods that you can use to improve your time to hire statistics is to work with a professional talent management company. They’ll be able to help you optimise your recruitment processes so that you can achieve the best results from your hiring campaigns.

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