NISA — Leadership,
Vision, Integrity

"Network of Peers"

As a member of NISA, you’ll discover a network of peers committed to the open exchange of ideas, information, and opportunities. When members can communicate freely it creates an environment that empowers owners with new possibilities. NISA offers owners tools to build a stronger, more competitive staffing service.

Code of Ethics

“Best Practices”

As staffing professionals, we are responsible for adding value to both the organizations and the employees we serve. NISA also advocates activities that enhance credibility and value. To foster the highest level of competence and ethical practices in the staffing industry, each NISA member pledges support and adherence to the principles set forth by this organization. View the NISA Code of Ethics.


NISA Members Receive

  • E & O Insurance options
  • Employment Practices Liability coverage options
  • Support for Industry Code of Ethics
  • Access to the employee Exchange program
  • Territorial exclusivity
  • Industry updates
  • Invitation to the annual Owners Meeting & mentor programs
  • Ideas & Forms Exchange
  • Weekly email newsletter
  • Free Lending Library Program
  • Annual membership awards
  • Daily Q&A Emails to Membership
  • NISA Web Seal Professional ID
  • Legal Tip of the Day Video

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NISA Connections

"Employment Solutions has been a member of NISA for over 6 years and has found the association to be incredibly valuable. The primary reason we enjoy being members is because of the relevant knowledge that is shared from other independent companies, that can relate to how we are growing our business. The members create one of the closest and most transparent groups of people I have been associated with and those relationships are really helpful when seeking advice on situations specific to our industry. It is wonderful knowing that I can reach out to any other owner and get a response that is thoughtful and helpful for me growing my company. NISA is an organization that is always looking for ways to bring value to it's members including great conferences, strategic partners, and industry specific training courses. We have learned about techniques, resources, and opportunities, that have generated significant financial value to our company. Based on the value we receive, and how genuine and fun NISA is, we will be lifelong members."

- Dan