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Revolutionalize your hiring game with Essium

Essium's innovative onboarding platform, Xenqu, streamlines the employee onboarding process and radically improves the management of personnel files using smart digital content. Enhance daily HR function and accuracy with electronic forms, including e-signature and compliant remote I-9 processes. Create a fantastic candidate experience with a fully configurable, mobile-friendly experience with built-in communication tools and reduce worker drop off.

Key Features:

Compliance Checking

With Xenqu’s intelligent bots, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your data audits are continuously being monitored for compliance. Our bots keep a watchful eye on your credentials and promptly notify you in the event of any lapses.

Mobile Friendly

Xenqu is optimized for mobile devices, allowing candidates to fully complete their onboarding paperwork from their personal smartphones. Plus, our magic link feature makes signing in a breeze without needing a login.

Communication Tools

Stay connected with your workers in real-time using Xenqu’s built-in communication tools. Reach out to them via text or email and ensure they never feel isolated from you. 

Stay Audit Ready

Xenqu simplifies the process of creating reports by automating the time-consuming and error-prone parts of the process. With just a few clicks, you can generate reports that are complete, accurate, and ready for auditing.

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