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Leverage a network of vision and integrity.

Your business is a big responsibility that's changing constantly. The National Independent Staffing Association (NISA) offers independent owners an affordable way to access a nationally respected, non-competitive network of other owners.

With territorial protection for their market area, members of NISA can share sensitive information about business operations without the risks of competitive or public memberships. Members strengthen their knowledge, share resources, and receive discounts on necessary insurance, products, and services.

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The NISA Messenger Volume 3 Issue 7 July 2016

This month, you can learn about the NISA Leadership Group, the PCORI Fee, Pennsylvania's New Medical Marijuana Law, and How to Grow Employee Happiness. Click here for the article. 

New NISA Leadership Group

NISA is teaming up with Alliance Advisory to begin an NISA Leadership Group. In this special private group, the members access the knowledge and experience of other highly accomplished (non-competing) leaders in a confidential on-line setting. Each member is there to learn new approaches, meet tough challenges, make hard decisions and take action. Sometimes you’re the one being helped, sometimes you’re helping your colleagues. Either way you’re growing as a leader and growing your business. Based on the foundational BIG SIX model and supported by personalized coaching sessions, the NLG will help you grow your business faster and generate higher margins while improving employee morale and your own quality of life. Sign up quickly because space is limited to 8 members. You can gain more information about this special group by clicking here.

The NISA Messenger Volume 3 Issue 6 June 2016

In this issue: NISA is turning 30! Join us at the convention in Nashville, Tennessee! Discover four topics for your host client safety agrreement from Assurance. Find out about the benefits of joining an association and much more. Learn more here. 

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